Founded in 2009, KINKA FAMILY has been revolutionizing Japanese dining in Toronto and Montreal by owning and operating a diverse portfolio of innovative restaurants. Included are KINKA IZAKAYA, most famous for its bustling atmosphere, KINTON RAMEN, the first authentic ramen shop to open in Toronto, JaBistro, a modern and sophisticated Japanese eatery, and KINTORI YAKITORI, serving Japanese skewers grilled over Binchotan charcoal. Each restaurant concept is unique in its offerings, ambiance, and service-style.

With additional expansion plans ahead, KINKA FAMILY's standards of food and service excellence remain to be the main focus of the Company's vision.

CEO Message

"Dreams" - A Talk with the CEO

Our Mission: “Serving People Happiness”

Our Vision: “To The World”

Our Value: “Better Than Yesterday”

"Continue moving forward". That is my life motto.

As long as I am continuously setting new goals and planning my next steps, I know I am moving forward.

I believe the next step is to turn the dream of KINKA FAMILY’s global expansion into reality, but I have come to realize that I cannot achieve this alone; moving forward requires collaboration and effective teamwork, a support system in which we believe in one another. By working with people we trust, work becomes play, and adversity becomes the fuel in which we run on. The sense of satisfaction and accomplishment is multiplied tenfold when working in a dedicated team. The process of achieving goals with people I trust is a beautiful experience, and I would love to continue tackling the world together, envisioning and fulfilling everyone’s dreams. I am confident that throughout this journey we will be able to spread happiness across the globe, which all starts by achieving happiness inside yourself.

This is KINKA FAMILY’s mission; it is one which prioritizes people’s happiness over anything else. Regardless of the tasks at hand, if we keep happiness in mind we will be able to share this happiness to those around us. So, let’s strive to make everyday better than yesterday and start serving people happiness all around the world.

James Hyunsoo Kim, CEO