About Us

Founded in 2009, KINKA FAMILY was established with an aim to revolutionize Japanese hospitality experiences. Since then, the Company has come to be recognized as Canada’s largest Japanese restaurant group. KINKA FAMILY owns and operates a diverse portfolio of restaurants and cafés in Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Tokyo, and Seoul. Included are KINKA IZAKAYA, a Japanese pub most famous for its bustling atmosphere, KINTON RAMEN, the first authentic ramen shop to open in Toronto, JaBistro, a sophisticated sushi and sashimi bistro, KINTORI YAKITORI, serving skewers grilled over Japanese charcoal, NEO COFFEE BAR, a modern Japanese bakery and café, and KINKA Sushi Bar Izakaya, presenting innovative dishes rooted in Japanese and Canadian flavours. Each concept is unique in its offerings, ambiance, and service-style.

With additional expansion plans ahead, KINKA FAMILY’s standards of food and service excellence remain to be the main focus of the Company’s vision.