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Company Philosophy


Serving People Happiness

KINKA FAMILY was built on the belief that happiness is everyone’s ultimate goal in life. As a company, we are entirely dedicated to providing happiness not only to our guests but also to our staff, our friends, our family, and most importantly, to ourselves as individuals. “Serving People Happiness” is a fundamental component of our company; it is the foundation of what makes KINKA FAMILY a leader in providing genuine and inspired dining experiences.



No single person makes an organization. KINKA FAMILY’s company culture is based on collaboration and teamwork. Investing in our staff and franchisees’ successes motivates us to bring our best to the table. At KINKA FAMILY, we believe that when success is shared, it multiplies.


Better Than Yesterday

Make the present better than the past, the future better than the present. KINKA FAMILY encourages learning from the past and growing through trial and error. Rather than settling on one accomplishment and being satisfied, we embrace new challenges and work towards achieving greatness, yet maintain humility. This positive outlook is what motivates our team to continuously search for new ideas and means of improvement.